Emri's Hockey Fanfiction
The "Loves Me Not" Universe
Pairing: David Aebischer/Dan Hinote, also involves Peter Forsberg, other Avs make brief appearances, too.
A/N: It started as one fic, which grew into a monster. It's not done yet, but I know exactly where I'm going with it, so then I started writing sister stories to it....thus, it's become it's own little universe.....Title came from a t.A.T.u. song that wasn't even around when I first started writing the fic, but I hadn't named it yet and it was fitting....
Summary: One little action can change the dynamics of everything closest to you.
The Fears that Bind
Rating: NC-17, slash
Pairing: David Aebischer/Peter Budaj
A/N: Takes place after the 12/28/05 L.A./Colorado game.  Budaj started the game and was pulled during the first period after allowing 2 goals on 4 shots.  Aebi didn't fare all that much better in relief, allowing 3 goals on 20 shots.  The Avs lost 3-5.  This was also the day that Avs managment sent Vitaly Kolesnik back to Lowell (AHL affiliate) after all three goaltenders had been on the Avs roster for three long weeks
A/N 2: For the purpose of this fic, Alexandra Aebischer (David's wife) does not exist.  The Dan mentioned is Dan Hinote, though this is not the David Aebischer from the "Loves Me Not" Univ.  Kolesnik had been with the Avs during the preseason (That's why it says "When Vitaly Kolesnik came back to Colorado....")
Summary: Fears can be good when they help you find love.

Christmas:  A Short
Rating:  PG-13
Pairing:  Alex Tanguay/David Aebischer, set in 2005......yes David Aebischer was actually injured, kinda puts a new twist on why he played so awfully in December, huh?

Rating:  R, for very strongly implied rape/gang rape and sexual elements
Pairing:  Marek Svatos/Peter Budaj
A/N:  Wow, I'm sorry this one turned out so dark and sad.  It really didn't start out like this, but the twist popped into my head and I thought it was a good twist, so I just went with it.
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