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Make free donations to the Fire Services National Benevolent Fund


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About the webmaster.

First of all, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to visit my site.
I would also like to ask you to come back whenever you need to search for anything on the internet. Remember, every search generates funds for the FSNBF and 100% of the funds raised will be donated to the FSNBF.

My name is Marcus, I'm 28 years old and my interest in the fire service and free donation sites led me to the idea of creating a free donation site to support a cause that I feel is very worthwhile. This cause is the Fire Services National Benevolent Fund and you can find out a little more about it
HERE or by visiting the Official FSNBF homepage.

Put simply, the FSNBF helps both serving and retired fire fighters who need assistance, this includes fire fighters who have been injured as a result of the dangerous work they do to keep us all safe. The FSNBF also provides assistance for the widows/widowers and dependents of fire fighters killed in the course of their duties.

I have been running a site called for several years, I set it up to help publicise as many of the best free donation sites as possible. I then decided I'd like to take this a step further and develop my own free donation site. The FSNBF was an obvious choice for the cause I'd like to donate the funds to; as I already make regular donations to them because I believe it is a very worthwhile cause. Also, I have never seen any other free donation sites that have been set up to support them.

At the moment, funds are generated by using the Jeeves search engine on the
homepage. I find this to be a very reliable search engine and am therefore confident you will use it regularly, however, please remember to use it from this site otherwise no funds will be raised for the FSNBF. This site has been officially approved by the FSNBF and I've been told they will add a link to it when they next update their site.

I will make donations to the FSNBF each time the total raised reaches 100 - this is when Ask Jeeves, Inc. (owners of the Jeeves trademark) will pay out, to find out how much has been raised so far, please visit the
donations totals page.

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