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Information about the FSNBF

The Fire Services National Benevolent Fund was founded during the Second World War.
Under extremely dangerous conditions, the members of the Auxiliary and National Fire Services fought daily to save lives, businesses and homes.  Unfortunately, many paid the ultimate price, leaving behind widows and orphans with no means of support.
The Fund's first priority was to help them.

Since its founding, the Fund has had to adapt to the changes within the Fire Service and the needs of its members.  It has increased the number of people it cares for, and has improved the grants and facilities it can offer.  The Fund now owns properties and land, and has invested in paid staff to support the large number of volunteers required to succeed in meeting these new demands.  It is now able to provide convalescent care, rehabilitation and therapy for serving or retired firefighters who have been injured and also for their dependants, the Fund also provides sheltered housing and financial assistance where required.

Every year, thousands of firefighters face the prospect of injury or worse as they try to help others.  These injuries can often prevent them from working and can put their careers at risk if not treated properly.  The Fund assists just over 1500 beneficiaries on a regular basis with a mixture of grant aid, convalescence, free equipment and occasionally therapeutic treatment at their specialist rehabilitation centre in Penrith.  In addition to regular assistance granted to widows, orphans and the less able, the Fund also helps individuals, both serving and retired, with the occasional problems that life throws their way for which they cannot provide.


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