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Two stars shining brightly,
in a summers midnight sky.
All's quiet,
then you hear a sudden cry.
Fierce as a mountian lions,
as sad as a lone wolfs howl.
The sound of my heart,
as one star slowly fades out.

BY: Danielle Marty

Well here�s my homepage....I promised I�d make one so here it is.....Not to bad for a first try..... Now here�s a bit on me.......Well folks time to update I'm now 26......My name is still Danielle or Dani to my friends.........I have what ever is the color of the month hair, and brown eyes....I live in Washington State.....love writing, reading, tennis, baseball, football, basketball well you get the picture....I love sports.... And if you can't tell by my page....I love fantasy pics.....I�m very eclectic.... I can usually be found as rainstorm_79 on yahoo messenger or on ICQ at 1233032. links to these and more will be below if you dare go further. If you're looking for a pic of me on here IT WONT HAPPEN.....I�m not very photogenic.....and I hate to have my pic taken.......if ya want a link to your homepage just let me know..... OK I finally caved in to the pressure of the best friend so there now will be pics of me *G* but as revenge her pic will be on here also....along with various other people I've met in life..... OK here it is *BIG DRUM ROLL* what U all asked for look below for a link to my pics page.....





TG chat "aka" The Gathering
Portland Industrial Goth
Teen Advice Page(undergoing management changes...we will let you know when we are back up.
Anime News
Here Be Dragons
Amy Brown's Fantasy Art

A never ending cycle,
which goes on through out time.
Love and hate,
all intertwined.
Peace and happiness,
war and pride.
All as constant,
as the tide.
In our world,
rapidly spinning round.
With just our hearts voices,
the only sound.

BY: Danielle Marty

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