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J&M Acres Horse Rescue Maple Ridge, British Columbia
J&M Acres Horse Rescue
J&M Acres Horse Rescue is a non-profit horse rescue in Maple Ridge, BC. We adopt most of our horses from auction or from off the racetrack. Our aim is to get as many horses adopted into loving homes as possible so that we are able to rescue more. To date, we have helped rescue and re-home over 300 horses!

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Horse of the Week - Annie

Before looking into adopting a horse, ensure that you are able to care for one properly. Most of the horses that end up in rescues end up here because people underestimate the amount of time, money and care a horse requires. By doing your research and determining your skill level, needs and availability the adoption process will be much smoother.

Then, once you have determined if you can properly care for a horse, please have a look at our horses available for adoption.

At J&M Acres Horse Rescue the adoption for most horses is $500.00. This includes local delivery and a 2-week trial period. For first time owners, we will assist with farriers, food dealers, vets, boarding facilities and any other questions you might have.

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