Gritta-Haus Shepherds
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Breeder of Champion-line, OFA certified German Shepherd Dogs.
Signer of the GSDCA's  "Breeder's Code of Ethics"
   CH German Shepherd Show Dogs

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"Gritta-Haus Shepherds" is a small, selective breeding program offering occasional litters of quality AKC show/ working and companion German Shepherds.  Gritta-Haus puppies are farm-family raised for sound temperament and working ability.  Not only to they embrace the breed standard but we see to it that they are all socialized and mentally sound before they leave our home.

We are located in Illinois, and all of our dogs are working family members, daily assisting with chores on our "in the field" hog operation.  We raise over 2500 head a year, and the hogs must be moved from field to field, sorted, vaccinated, fed, loaded, ETC.  We can't imagine doing it without our stockdogs! 

Our original foundation female came from "Caralon Kennels" in MO in 1990,  Helen "Scootie" Sherlock
(pictured below),  is a noted German Shepherd expert, who has taught me so very much over the years.  In the past Scootie was chosen by Dog Fancy magazine as their "Breeder of the Year".  We chose the "Caralon" lines because of their emphasis on brains as well as beauty, in addititon to an excellent track record on health issuses, including OFA certifications.

About Anja... Kloe's mother...
Our moderatly angulated "working girl" embodies what nature meant the German Shepherd to be... beautiful, intelligent and bred for sound working ability.
Anja has incredible attitude and character and is a very loving GSD.  She gets some of her beauty from her father, who is an excellent example of true German lines.  Her mother was a very special gal, being concieved by artificial insemination with frozen semen, hence her name "Caralon's Kindl Frozen In Time"
Anja is also a working stock dog- helping us with our 2500-head hog operation, she is gentle enough to guide the piglets and tough enough to move the most stubborn sow or boar.  She is excellent at guarding open gates and responds to verbal commands very diligently.  She is truly and asset to our farm operation.  In fact, we were gone one day and the sows got out of their pen and when we arrived home there she lay keeping the sows in a confined area of the barnyard!

In her off-time she enjoys babysitting our grandchildren, she is very tolerant of the antics of the grandkids and being our beloved family member.
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We raise our puppies with lots of T.L.C. and socialization according to "The Art of Raising a Puppy" written by the Monks of New Skete.  (Scootie also devotes many hours of advice, guidance and encouragement in all phases of the Monk's work with their dogs at the New Skete monastery.)  Each puppy will have taken the puppy aptitude test located in their book and have been evaluated by competent conformation breeders.  All parents must have been OFA certified hips and elbows.

All litters are whelped in our home, and receive lots of love, socialization and cuddling from Jan (a retired RN) and Ed as well as our 10 grandchildren (the grandkids are between the ages of 4 and 13!). 
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We can ship from Chicago or St Louis, depending on the direct flights available.

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