Over the years, I've followed the Pet Shop Boys around from place to place, especially back in the early '90s when, in two successive summers, they stood in for Simon Bates on the Radio 1 morning show. Here are some pictures from those weeks, and also some that I've scanned in from various other sources. Hope you like them! (NB - this page is under construction - more pictures will be added when I've time to add them.)

1.) Radio 1 - Pet Shop Boys day, 17th September 1993.

Okay, well, as it happens the first set of pics I dug up weren't from the Bates' Mates weeks, although they were from an occasion a year later when the Boys stood in for Simon Bates on his morning show. This time, though, it was as part of Radio 1 (or should that be 1 FM?)'s Pet Shop Boys day, when various rare/unique PSB-related prizes were given away, including a CD which has become something of a collectors' item...

2.) The Equality Show - London Palladium, 24th October 1993.

There was a great deal of excitement at the news that the Boys would be playing at the Equality Show, an event which supported the Stonewall Group's campaign to win an equal age of consent between heterosexuals and homosexuals. They played, in the event, a four song set, which included Can you forgive her?, To speak is a sin, One in a million (which included the segue into Culturebeat's Mr Vain), and for an encore, Go West. Also appearing were Stephen Fry, Julian Clary, and Jane Horrocks ('er out of Absolutely Fabulous, and an actress of whom I'm quite fond).

3.) Absolutely Pet Shop Boys, Radio 1, 27th May 1994.

Hmm...I can't remember much about this event (until I unearthed the photos, I'd forgotten it even happened!), but I've just dug up the tape and am having a listen to it as I write this. It was, as I recall, a Friday evening slot on Radio 1 (sort of the Pete Tong slot), and from the title (Absolutely Pet Shop Boys) and description ("three hours of the best dance music around, with a smattering of comedy") I'd hazard a guess that it was to tie in with Comic Relief, as that year the PSB-produced single Absolutely Fabulous was the main focus of the fundraising efforts.

A thought...quite often at these events, I tended to get more decent photos of Neil than Chris. This is partly because I tend to take more photos of Neil anyway (!), but not least because Chris is very good at getting bored and leaving early. However, Neil left first in this case, so I've got a few more of Chris. They're not wonderful (although I've managed to crop out the 20 or so records that some inconsiderate so-and-so had brought along to get signed!), but even so they're not bad. A bit samey, but not bad. The blond hair which is nearly obscuring Chris' face in the final pic I think might be Rikki Price's. If you're out there, Rikki, get in touch!

4.) Tower Records signing, 4th June 2001.

In summer of 2001, the Pet Shop Boys launched their new musical Closer to Heaven (which I personally didn't think was much cop, but a lot of other people liked it), and also reissued their first six proper albums in nice new packaging with informative booklets stuffed with loads of great photos and interviews (and lyrics!). To mark this, they did a signing session at Tower Records in Piccadilly. I was there, naturally (it was the same day that I went to see Closer to Heaven), made some new friends (hi, Louise), and took these photos. They're not terribly good, but anyway, here you go.

5.) Miscellaneous.

1.) 2.)

1.) Signed photo of Chris, outside Radio 1 (1991, I think)

2.) Neil, self-proclaimed Glastonbury virgin, earlier this year. Taken from the front cover of the Independent on Sunday, 25th June 2000. The caption above was Wild West Country: a Pet Shop cowboy at Glastonbury, while beneath we were informed, The Pet Shop Boys headlined the Glastonbury festival last night, taking the rock event back to the 1980s with their hit 'What Have I Done To Deserve This?' Singer Neil Tennant led thousands of fans in a mass wave during a rendition of the gay anthem 'Go West'.

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