Me, graduating.

Some things you need (or at least might be mildly interested) to know about me:

I was born in Ilford (that's in Essex, England), on December 18th 1969, and until I was 25 I lived in Chelmsford, Essex. After that for four years I was living in London, near Wimbledon (and trust me, there's nothing more guaranteed to put you off tennis...). Three years of that was spent doing a degree in Theology and Religious Studies at the Roehampton Institute, London. (It's now called the University of Surrey Roehampton. Naff name change.) That's me up there on my graduation day on July 25th 1998. After that, I had a couple of major disasters, involving starting a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education) course but only lasting about two months of a one-year course, and then my marriage going belly-up within about three months of the wedding. To say that the past five years or so have been a major nightmare would be a serious understatement. But I'm getting over it at last, by God's good grace. I'm now divorced, and am settled at a really great church called The Oasis Church, where some really wonderful people are helping me to move on and put the past behind me.

I've recently started going out with a wonderful young lady by the name of Sarah. She lives in Barking (although she's originally from Chorleywood), she's 28, and she shares my interests in Doctor Who, as well as The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy and The Lord of the Rings, amongst others. She's a bit of a computer geek (as am I), and works in IT support. And she's a Christian, involved with the Salvation Army.

I've now moved back to Chelmsford, and I'm sharing a house with my friend of ten years, Tim Fuller (I'll probably put a pic of him up here soon). He was best man at my wedding, and he once put nine spoons of sugar in my cup of tea and I didn't notice. There's still some decorating to be done, but most of it's now out of the way, and the house looks really nice.

In my first year at Roehampton I became a Christian (after a dozen years of church-going), and that's something that has had a serious impact on my life and my interests. Find out more by clicking the "Christianity" button.

I miss all my friends from London, and I still get nostalgic when anyone mentions the places I've been living near for so long (Putney, Wimbledon, Kingston, Southfields...) I go back there from time to time though, so it's not so bad. And although it was a wrench moving away, I'm starting to feel a lot more settled down here in Chelmsford now.

For quite a long time after leaving London (and before) I was unemployed, but I'm now working at NHS Direct as a database administrator. I was doing the job for 18 months on a temporary contract before it finally became permanent. In the long term, I believe that my calling is to be an evangelist.

As well as that...well, I'm writing this webpage (which is involving learning some html and Javascript basics, which I'm teaching myself, and really enjoying the learning experience), I keep busy round the house, and have a fair few hobbies and interests (I started horse riding a while back, although have given it up for the moment). I'd also quite like to properly learn to program a computer (possibly using the Java programming language - anyone have any hints and tips there?) and to learn to drive and get a car.

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