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It's not every day you wake up to hear that your favourite actress has died, but that's what happened to me on the morning of Saturday November 17th, 2001. Charlotte Coleman had died earlier in the week of an acute asthma attack. She was only 33.

It's very difficult to know what to think or feel at an occasion like this. She was an actress whose career I'd followed since one of her first ever TV appearances, as Sue in Worzel Gummidge opposite Jon Pertwee. I had the good fortune to meet her in 1991 when she appeared in the play Our Own Kind at Shepherd's Bush, and she was a truly friendly, warm, generous and genuine person. It's hard to imagine anyone who could be sweeter and kinder to the awe-struck fan I was back then.

And now I wake up and hear she's died. As I say, it's hard to know exactly what to think; her death has upset me greatly; if anything, it's had a greater personal impact on me than the World Trade Centre attack a couple of months ago. But what I do know is that although I've been saddened by her death, I've been greatly touched by the response from people who had found my little website (in its earlier incarnation) in their attempts to find out more about Charlotte.

Charlotte was a great actress. I've always felt that she was the best actress in this country, possibly the world (with only Jodie Foster as serious competition there), and I'm determined that though she may not be with us any longer, she will not be forgotten.

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