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Dane's Doghouse: Welcome
I have a mother, father, one brother and one half sister. We all live in Indiana. I'm 23, my mother is in her late 30's, father is 47, James my brother is 21, and Alley my favorite relation is 28

Contact me:


Yahoo IM: dane_me2004

AIM: Daneme2004

MSN: Animedane@hotmail.com

Or just bark Real loud and I'll hear it..... *laughs*
Once upon a time, there lived a very handsome young Great Dane stud that lived his life in peace with his love and lived to make something of himself and have his dreams come true.
My favorite Quote:
If every man was the same, who in the hell would find one worth dating?
My hobbies and interests are: Anime, Furries, Animals, drawing, nature, painting, art in general, relaxing, music, and just being myself.
Well, lately I am having fun dating and I want to move.. I have my heath, friends and God to surport me in the hard times as well as the good. Yay!!
Ein's Quote for today:
"People say that the world is soon coming to it's end, but why haven't I heard the, "Boom!", yet? Life is short, focus on things of the heart."
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