This section is dedicated to all those MJ fans who have children, born in a fandom. You know, in most of the cases the kids become fans too in a blinking of an eye :) Meet the young family members who are born to be fans...


This is Svetozar. He is 3 years old and he has been a fan for all his life! :) He lives in Bulgaria and the reason for his fandom is his father Ivo - a very good friend of mine. Svetozar knows by heart most of Michael videos but his favourite one is Ghosts (the movie). The latest fan thing he loves to do is to jump at disty areas and scream "I'm like Michael in Ghosts!". He also loves to stretch his mouth the way MJ does in the movie. Ain't he cute? :)

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And this is his father Ivo:






This is Victor. He is less than a year old but as you can see, he's already well informed. He lives in the UK and the reason all these MJ cds are around him is his father Nasko. He is too young to moonwalk but I see him as the future No.1 MJ fan. I'm sure his father will take care of that. :)


I know we can make this section bigger and brighter. If you know some natural born fans and they or their parents want them to be here, please contact me at:

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