Skip is . . .
Fun Facts:
Skip is a loving dog and is good with kids.
A loveable, sweet Dachshund who gets lots of attention for being so cute. He was born on September 17th 1999. He is a black and tan miniature long haired  Dachshund.And he belongs to me,Jenny.
He loves to go to the beach for a swim.
He can sit, lie, shake paws, and jump, especially if you have food.
More about my dog:
Skip is friendly to EVERYONE....he could probably lick a robber to  death, than attack him!
Skip lives in San Diego, California with me. He likes other dogs.He also sniffs everything when he goes on walks. He has a raggedy old toy bone that he likes to wrangle with his teeth. He likes bacon treats, but he likes people food better.
He lO-O-O-O-ves human food!
Over here!
- going to the vet

- enclosed spaces

- cats

- when he is left alone

- baths
- humans

- his leash (for walks)

- to fetch

- other dogs

- sticking his head out the car window
"Stupid Mutt!"
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