Jeanne Pounds
CottonMane Rabbitry
    This is home of My rabbitry, which will be dedicated to The Lionhead rabbit breed. I will be working to achieve the quality of Lionhead's as outlined in the
U.S. current working standard. My goals will be to focus on temperment,
bodies and head types as outlined in the standard and manes that develope
and stay on senior Lionheads. I feel focusing on Quality, not Quantity
will help me to achieve these results.
     I have been communicating with other lionhead breeders in an effort to work together to
improve the lionhead breed.
Nothing For Sale, check back later Please!!!
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Updated: June 06, 2006
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Fresno, California (Central Valley)
Proud member of the NALRC
Proud Member of the ARBA
Rabbitry Number: W489 as of May, 2004
!!!Been working on the breed for 2 years now and still going strong!!!
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I am Keeping my Rabbitry Small so I can make sure all my Rabbits are Friendly at the time they sell, I hold all the Kits from Day one, and this produces amazeingly Affectionate Bunnies!
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