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Congratulations! You found my website! While you are here, look aroud, see whats in here, ya just might enjoy yourself!

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Ha Ha Ha...No, this isn't me, but its my boy...RUBIN!!!!

Hi everyone!

So you got to my website, now what? Well, keep scrolling down, and you can follow a few links to: learn more about me and my SHADOW, check out our camping adventures (a must see!), and other useless information.

Pat Says..."Stay Tuned, because this site is still under heavy construction." Honestly, It will be updated hardly ever...

My other pages:

Craig's Shadow ACE Page
This page will contain my Shadow information, pics of my bike, world wide web motorcycle resources, local South Jersey Motorcycle links, and all the other links I couldn't classify under anything else!

Craig's Camping Page
Chock full of camping info, pics, and a few helpful camping links. Also updated with news of plans for an upcoming trip.

My Disney World Page...
Here you will see Tips, Tricks, Links, Pics, and stories from all around the world!

Thanks for stopping by, Talk to ya later,

Craig Mack

1997 craig_rudzenski@hotmail.com


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