The Chronicle of Yr

(as related by the members of the Yr Fellowship of the Second Age)

    On the Isle of Yr, near the great continent of Arliensterre, there was a town known as Lorn, a small town on the rode to the Human metropolis of Peln from the Elven forests of Eldin. This once great settlement was ravaged by a cult of evil clerics and necromancers who ruled the remaining peoples with an iron fist.  In anger the gods sent a great army to destroy their stronghold, a great battle was fought and the forces of good triumphed, binding and concentrating the evil into the small south-eastern wing of the castle with all their magic force.  

    Recently, demons and undead monsters have been pillaging Lorn and a proclamation was made to all peoples in the town by the ruling Wizard Elmador.  Five young heroes ventured into the ruin in an attempt to finally destroy the remaining practitioners of evil.  One of their number, however, was subverted to evil by a strange, dark spell. When he re-emerged from that black abyss he was imbued with a sense of malevolence greater than the necromancer's own evil aura.  

    The young sorcerer then disappeared, triggering ancient spells that consumed the remaining castle, nearly taking his one-time comrades with it.  In the search for their lost comrade Cecil; Shen, Kovic and Demcy set out for the metropolis of Peln.  On the way they were assaulted by a band of armored villains and all but Shen were captured.  Shen went back to Lorn for help and found a strong magic-user who agreed to go with him.  The pair traveled on the road to Eldin to ask the Elven wizards' aid in finding both their missing comrades and Cecil.


   On their way the two adventurers helped overthrow a tyrant who was, apparently, in service to Cecil.  Hoping that they have overthrown his followers on Yr once and for all, Shen led Nadia onwards to the Elf-hold at Eldin.



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