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5/7/09: Okay, apparently "more to come soon" means "more to come in a year and a half" but this site is FINALLY back from the dead. I don't know for how long, though, since Geocities will be shutting down its free service soon. Wish me luck in finding a new server. Anyway, welcome Candiwax to the Esmeralda Fan Club and I have a new fic by Luna Lovegood and two more chapters of "Second Chances" by me.
1/10/08: Welcom Inge to the Esmeralda Fan Club (check out her DeviantArt page - it is AWESOME). More to come soon.
12/2/07: I'm ALIVE!!! Isn't it amazing? And you thought I'd forgotten about this site after a whole year, right? Well, I've got Chapter 14 of Second Chances up, plus welcome Lyle to the Frollo Fan Club. Since this site's been around for five years, I'll be working on some big improvements (archiving the old guestbook entries, putting up the Clopin Fan Club and Phoebus Gallery, etc.). Keep checking!
: Ummm, hi everyone! I know, you're expecting a great big update, but I've been really busy. I got accepted into a Disney World internship where I'll be living and working at Disney World for four months! (dances around the room) Okay, okay, you want to know the new stuff, right? Well, I put up Chapter 13 of Second Chances, three new fanarts by Alina, and a new interview. I also added a new link to my friend Emelie's new site, and a link to (ducks) my new website dedicated to my OTHER movie obsession, Star Wars. Don't worry, I WON'T be abandoning this site.
: Upon hearing that Tony Jay died, I had to put up a tribute for him. You can find it on Frollo's character page.
: Okay, so I'm late, but congratulations to Jenny, the winner of the Fanart Contest! Her pic now shows up on the Birthday Memoirs page, and the runners-up can now be found in the Fanart Gallery.
: FINALLY got the fanart contest started (sorry to all who entered). Time to vote for the winner! In addition, Chapter 12 of Second Chances is up, plus two new interviews and a new birthday memoir.
Today's the day! HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY, HOND!!!! I've put up my own birthday memoir, and I extended the deadline for the fanart contest (due to lack of entries recieved).
Three new interviews, Chapter 12 of Meagan's story, a new link, a new section for my non-HoND song spoofs, new songs by Bia (and fixed the links to her songs) and a new fanart contest to celebrate HoND's tenth birthday.
: Esmeralda's Gallery is up, plus a new memoir, welcome Dessere to the Phoebus Fan Club, Chapter 11 of Meagan's story, and Chapter 6 of my TP story "I'm a Spacer, Not a Mother." Still have new interviews to put up, so keep watching.
: A new fanart by Chris, a new fanfic by Audrey, seven new chapters to Meagan's fanfic, a new birthday memoir from Meg, and welcome Perrult, and Jenny to the Quasimodo fan club!
Okay, it's been YEARS since I've continued it, but I've FINALLY got Chapter 4 of The 5th Passenger up! Also, we have our first Birthday memoir from Jenny, and welcome Jo to the Phoebus Fan Club!
Happy Festival of Fools, and guess what happens this year? HoND turns ten! Come join in the year-long celebration at the new Birthday Memoirs section! In addition, there's (takes deep breath) a new fanart, a new fanfic, several new interviews, several new submissions for the Esmeralda and Frollo fan clubs, I've added pics to the Romance page, a new random work, and three new links.
Okay, it's been...um, a year, but Chapter 11 of Second Chances is FINALLY up. More stuff soon to come (I hope) so keep checking!
After almost three years, Quasimodo's Gallery is FINALLY up! Also, chapter 7 of Sonja's story.
Yup, I'm FINALLY back from the dead. Well, after almost a year I've got a TON of stuff to put up, so much that I can't get it all up in just one update. So I've decided to have a series of small updates. Today, I've got four new fanarts by me (three HoND, one non-HoND), chapters 4 and 5 of Erin's story "Secrets Revealed," and a new Quasi's Girlfriend. I know you're not going to believe me when I say this, but there will be a lot more stuff coming soon. (But if you sent me something since my last update, be sure to check out my message on the main page.)
Not an official update, but I fixed the link to Sonja's story "The Two Rivals." (Thanks to all who pointed out that mistake to me.)
Happy 2nd birthday to this site! And to celebrate, a GREAT BIG update! Check out Cowgirl's new interview questions, new fanart by me, Sailor Esmeralda, Stephanie, Catgirl, and someone else (would this person please send me her name - I accidentally deleted her mail), and a new Random Creative Work by Sonja. On the fanfic page, Chapter 10 of my Second Chances is up (Chapter 11 is coming VERY soon), plus new stories by Sonja, Sailor Esmeralda, and Erin. Also, we have a new Quasi's Girlfriend (first new one in over a year), and welcome Catwiz to the Frollo Fan Club! Coming soon: the gallery pages (finally!), the Clopin Fan Club, and more surprises.
What is it with me and only updating every six months?? Anyway, I've got a lot of new fanfic chapters: Chapters 4, 5, and 6 of Sonja's story "Together Again," Chapter 1 of a new story by Sailor Esmeralda, and the first two chapters of a new story by Meagan. Also, welcome Sara to the Esmeralda Fan Club and welcoem Kevrin R. to the Frollo Fan Club. Next update should have a bunch of new fanfic chapters by me...I hope.
Uh...Happy New Year, everyone! Anyway, I'M NOT DEAD!!! And to prove it, I've given you a HUGE update!!! CLOPIN'S PAGE IS UP!!!! It doesn't have a fanclub page yet - I didn't get around to that, but if you want to go ahead and join the Clopin Fan Club, just email me following the instructions on one of the other fan club pages. On the Fanart page, there's a new fanart by me, two new fanarts by Sailor Esmeralda, and two new fanarts by Laura. On the Fanfic page, Chapter 9 of my "Second Chances," the final chapter of Melissa's story, and the first three chapters of "Together Again," a new fanfic by Sonja. Also Chapter 5 of my story "I'm a Spacer, Not A Mother" on the Non-HoND Works page, and a new Random Creative Work by me (and for once it's NOT a song spoof!). Finally, welcome Fi-Fi to the Esmeralda Fan Club and welcome Amber to the Frollo Fan Club!
: Okay, the good news is that I've just started college! The bad news is that I probably won't be updating much. But I won't abandon this site! Anyway, I've put up the interview questions. Also the final chapter of "The Right to Happiness" by Sonja, the final chapter of "Only in Past Memories" by Sailor Esmeralda, and two new chapters of Melissa's story. A new fanart by me, and welcome Fraia to the Frollo Fan Club. My new fanfic chapters and Clopin's page are coming soon! (I hope!) Also added some new links, including a link to Animated Couples, a new site maintianed by me and a bunch of friends.
I LIIIIVVVEE!!!! Sorry I've been neglecting this site: first I went to Disney World, and then my computer broke down, but now I'm BAACK! Anyway, four new fanarts by me (two HoND, two non-HOND), Chapter 4 of my Treasure Planet fic, and a new Random Creative Work by me! This is a partial update - soon to come are new chapters of ALL my fanfics (and fics by others), Clopin's character page, and answers to interview questions. (To everyone who sent me questions, please accept my apologies. I know I said the answers would be up next time I updated, but I wasn't planning for my comp to break down. I PROMISE they will be up next update!) By the way, today is the Hunchback Heroes' Haven's 1st birthday! YAY!
/03: Chapter 2 of Sonja's story, the first two chapters of a new fanfic by Melissa, a new fanart by me (non-HoND), and a new page where you can interview the characters. Sorry about the lack of updates, folks. I'm currently working on a building a new website with some friends and that's taking a lot of internet time.
Chapter 3 of my new Treasure Planet fanfic, and a link on the HoND that Never Was page to a site where you can download a deleted scene!
/03: Two new fanarts by me: one HoND and one non-HoND, and a new Random Creative Work by me.
Two new fanfic chapters by Sailor Esmeralda, a new fanfic by Cowgirl, and Chapter 8 of my Second Chances!
/03: Two new fanarts and a new Random Creative Work by me! (Check out the new Random Creative Work...me dressed as Esmeralda...heh, heh...) Also, a new Treasure Planet fanfic at the Non-HoND Works section. (Bear with me: I'm currently going through an extreme TP obsession!) I've got a TON of new fanfic by me and others to put up, so keep checking!
The final chapter of Sonja's story, plus the first chapter of her new story! Also, Chapter 2 of my TP fanfic, and a new Random Creative Work by me.
: Wheee, both Lilo and Stitch and Treasure Planet are nominated for the Animation Oscar, so I drew two fanarts to celebrate! Check them out in the Non-HoND Works section. Plus I've got a new link.
Whew! Frollo's page is FINALLY up!!!!! In addition, I've got a new fanfic by Elly and a new fanfic chapter by Sonja. Check out my friend Bia singing God Help the Outcasts and Someday at the Random Creative Works page! Welcome Cimorene to the Esmeralda Fan Club! And finally, I've put up a new section for my small assortment of non-HoND related works.
: Small update today. Two new fanarts by Sailor Esmeralda and a new fanart by Timonaholic. Also, a new FAQ page. Frollo's page is almost done, so keep checking!
Five new fanarts by me! Check them out, especially The Disney Christmas Party!
Okay, it's been a while, but take a look! I've added a new Random Creative Works page for creative works that aren't fanart or fanfics. A new Quasi's Girlfiriend by Cowgirl, and new fanfic chapters by me, Sonja, and Sailor Esmeralda. Also a new story by Audrey. And at long last the Phoebus Fan Club has members! (Why did I figure it would take a million years for the Phoebus Fan Club to open?) Anyway, welcome me and Emma to the Phoebus fan Club, and I've got the As Long as There's a Moon lyrics up!
Losta stuff today! The Quasimodo and Madellaine Shrine is finally up! Also, five new fanarts by me and seven new fanarts from Mer Princess! And, (da-dum-da-DUM!) at long last, my old story "Second Chances" is up with new chapters! A new Quasi's Girlfriend by Katie. And welcome Audrey and Katie to the Quasimodo Fan Club!
Chapter 3 of my story is up! Also Chapter 2 of Sonja's story, and a new fanart by me!
New fanart by Sailor Esmeralda and a new fanfic, also by Sailor Esmeralda!
: Chapter One of Sonja's story is up! I've also added the Someday lyrics on the HoND That Never Was page!
A new Quasi's Girlfriend is up! Also, I've decided to open up my Fanfic page to include other stories in addition to my own! Now you can read "Annatefka" by Audrey, and I've got a story by Sonja coming soon!
Boy, I'm on a roll! Okay, not much. I've added a two new fanart pics, and....(insert drumroll here)....a picture of me on the About Me page!
The Fanart page is up!!!!!! Check out my art and start sending your own! Also, there are now three girlfriends at the Quasi's Girlfriends page: keep sending them! And the Esmeralda and Phoebus Shrine has a new picture.
/02: Great big update today! The Quasi's Girlfriends page is up!!! Start contributing! Also, I've now added a Fanfic page where you can read my stories. I've redone the Esmeralda and Phoebus shrine because people said the text was difficult to read, added pictures to the Esmeralda and Phoebus Shrine, and added a new link.
The Esmeralda and Phoebus Shrine is up! I don't have any pics up yet...right now my computer's acting weird with uploading pics. Also, I've added three new links and welcome Quasilover to the Esmeralda Fan Club!
: The HoND that Never Was page is up!! So far it's only got the lyrics and information about one deleted song, but I'll be updating again real soon! Also, welcome Apster and me to the Esmeralda Fan Club! Come on people, join all the fan clubs!
: Well, not much today. The Quasimodo fan club now has three members. Please welcome Quasilie, Quasilover, and me. The Esmeralda and Phoebus fan clubs still need members!

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