Random Creative Works

Just what are Random Creative Works, you ask? Well, they're creative stuff like song spoofs, jokes, parodies, poems, or anything HoND related that doesn't fit in the fanfic or fanart category. And now I'm putting together a collection of creative works by me and other creative HoND fans.

If you've got something creative you'd like to post, just email me at
ltbchristy@aol.com with your name and your creative work. Random Creative Works can be funny or serious, or anything in between. My only requirement is that all Random Creative Works be rated PG or under. And remember, all Radom Creative Works are copyrighted by their creators, so please don't steal anything!

Works by me:

"Belle" Song Spoof. I wrote new lyrics to "Belle" from Beauty and the Beast for a DisneySites (see my links) song spoof contest. It took second place. I've provided it here for your enjoyment.

My silly Festival D'Amour prediciton. I wrote this "prediction" ages before HoND2 came out. Even then I figured the Festival D'Amour was a silly festival.

"The Fire Burns." I wrote new lyrics to the Garth Brooks songs "The Thunder Rolls" about Frollo's lust for Esmeralda.

Me as Esmeralda. I made my own Esmeralda costume for Halloween last year, and because I don't know embarassment, I've got pictures to share!

"Long Time Gone" song spoof. New lyrics to the tune of the Dixie Chicks' Long Time Gone that poke fun at how Disney ignores HoND and many of its other movies.

"It's Not Easy Being a HoND Fan." Yet another song spoof, this time I've got new lyrics to the famous Kermit the Frog song, "It's Not Easy Being Green."

HoND Outtakes. Some imaginary bloopers that might have occured while filming the movie (think the outtakes at the end of A Bug's Life and Monsters, Inc.).

NEW!!! "Place Down Under." Back in the song spoof mode, I was in a crazy mood and wrote this silly spoof to Men At Work's "Down Under."

Works by Jamie:

"The Meaning of God Help the Outcasts." My friend Jamie wrote this short paragraph explaining the special meaning Esmeralda's prayer has for her.

Works by Bia:

Bia's HoND Songs. She sang some HoND songs into her mic and sent me the links! Have a listen!

Works by Sonja:

"My Version of In a Place of Miracles." Sonja wrote up her own version of the deleted HoND song "In a Place of Miracles" in story/song format. WARNING: This work contains SPOILERS to her fanfic "The Two Rivals" (on the Fanfic page).

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