#1. Why "Hunchback Heroes"? Well, I noticed that there were an awful lot of HoND fansites dedicated to Clopin or Frollo. Not that there's anything wrong with Clopin and Frollo, but the LEAD characters surprisingly have very few sites for them, so that's why they're the theme of my site. But hey, keep in mind that this site is for all HoND fans, so Clopin and Frollo are here too.

#2. When will the site be updated? Patience! I don't update on a regular schedule. My household has four people, but only one computer and one phone line. In addition, I'm a full-time college student. So sometimes it might be a while before I update.

#3. I noticed you updated, but the stuff I sent you STILL isn't posted!! Again, patience! Sometimes I only get a few things done when I update. Long fanfics are especially time-consuming to post, so it might take me a looooong time to get them up. (Hint, hint, if you correct your spelling and grammar before sending it, it gets up faster!)  But unless I specificly tell you that your stuff was rejected, rest assured that I will post it.

#4. Can I join more than one fan club? Sure, join as many fan clubs as you want!

#5. I'm not sure if my fanfic follows your rules. Should I just go ahead and send it? Go ahead and send it and let me use my own judgement whether or not to post it. If your fanfic doesn't make it to the site, I'll still enjoy reading it.

#6. Can I change or add anything to my Quasi's Girlfriend description? Of course.

#7. I signed the guestbook, but my entry isn't up. I review all entries before posting them. I don't accept entries with foul language, flames, or spam.

#8. Will you remove the chapters of my unfinished fic if I don't update it? No. I never remove fanfic or anything else that people have submitted. So even if it takes you ten years to finish your fic, it will still be here.

#9. Will you send me a response letting me know you got my stuff? I used to, but now I'm so busy with college that I don't have time to respond to everything. I'll respond if I have a question for you or if I find the time to send a response, but don't count on anything. You can always keep checking to see if your stuff's up.

#10. Do you judge which fics go on the site? No, I post everything sent that follows my rules, and I don't give the author feedback unless the author asks for it.

#11. How do you edit fanfics? I mostly just correct the spelling and grammar and convert it into a readable format. I try not to change the content of the fic unless the author asks me to.

#12. (Actually no one has ever asked this, but just in case....) THIS SITE STINKS!!!!! It's the worst site I've ever visited! What do you have to say for you
rself?? You don't like it? Get your OWN site!
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