The greatest movie ever made celebrates its tenth birthday in 2006, and so to celebrate, I'm collecting birthday dedications from the loyal HoND fans. If you want to be a part of this celebration, email me at with the reasons why HoND is important to you. You can say anthing you want - share a fun memory, write a fan letter to the characters, write a long essay about why you love HoND, anything! Be creative! If you like, you can evene include pictures (but please send them in JPG format as attachments). I'll be posting your loving tributes for the entire year.


My HoND Memoir

Jenny's HoND Memoir

Meg's HoND Memoir

Sonja's HoND Memoir

NEW!!! Nadia Bérangère's HoND Memoir

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Fanart by Jenny, the winner of the Birthday Fanart Contest
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