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Welcome to Cheeyathebard's Xena Site. I hope you enjoy my fic and other features. Now that Lucy and Renee have finished shooting Xena: Warrior Princess, I'm going to be maintaining this page as a dedication and thank you to them for all the work they put in over those long six years. We love them!

Hi Everyone,

I've started writing again. It's been tough since I've been spending two hours in the car each day going back and forward to work!

I'm trying to get to the 2010 Xena Con in LA next Feb. It'll be my first Xena con ever! I've also had my email address sorted out so you should be able to mail me again.

Battle on,

Angel Gabrielle from the season five episode 'Fallen Angel'
Lucy and Renee sharing a laugh over a fluffed line... From 'When in Rome...'
Xena from the pilot episode, 'Sins of the Past'
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