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The Chronicles of a Multi-Pet Household

Yes, it is true. I am one of those people. You know the kind I mean. We're crazy. Crazy about our animals, that is. We talk constantly about our pets. Everything that Fido and Fluffy does is nothing short of spectacular and noteworthy.

That's certainly true where Chelsea, Murphy, Max, Smudge and Boo are concerned. So much so that I figured that these magnificent animals deserved their very own Web site.

So take a moment to browse through and see for yourself why I think my pets are spectacular and noteworthy.

The Pet Pages Pages

The Truth about
Dogs & Cats
A tongue-in-cheek look at life in a
multi-pet household. It's the little things that make you crazy--like drawers.

Chelsea's Page
Hi. I'm Chelsea! As the lone canine in the household, my page comes first, as well it should. Keeshonds rule!

Murphy's Page
Murphy Cat's the name and tormenting the dog's my game. And it's Maine Coon cats that rule, you silly dog!

A Tale of Three Kitties
Boo, Smudge and Max here! We're the latest additions to the household and we really run the show!! Kitty Power!!

Stories, Tales and Other
All those anecdotes and pet stories your friends forward to you are right here, along with some Pet Page originals.

Pet Art (of sorts)
A few little bits and pieces,
some that you can do on your keyboard, some originals you can download, and links with other pet graphics

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Last Updated 08-Feb-99

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