Catherine Ann de Garis
~ Priestess of the Great Mother Goddess ~
Perth, Western Australia

                               I would be your priestess.
             Open my eyes to see your Light in those around me.
             Gift me with the courage to overflow with your Love.
             Lend my voice the power of your Creative Word.
             Grant, Beloved One, that I may touch You in All you bring to me.
WELCOME to my home on the web ~
May it be a source of inspiration to you in your onward journey of discovery..
I am, by nature, something of a visionary. 
In these pages I have attempted to document and share some of the dreamings that have moved me and sought expression through me in the ten years of my dedicated journey as a priestess of the Goddess. 
I hope that they may fire your imagination, awaken your thirst for life, help name and feed your soul-hungers, and draw you gently into the Mother's arms...


To be a priestess of the Goddess...
What does a priestess do?
Of becoming a pagan priestess (Key Note Address, Women's Spirituality Gathering, New Norcia Western Australia, November 1995)

UPDATES - June 2005

Since the start of this year, I have begun using the spiritual name Ishara as part of moving into the next phase of my priestess path. I received the name in meditation some years ago, but have only recently truly grown into both this name and the deeper Ishtar women's mysteries work which is my current focus.

I am pleased to announce the launch of my new business, Daughters of Ishtar . Daughters of Ishtar is all about creating a structure through which I can more fully and effectively embody my vocation as a priestess of the Goddess within my community, and be financially supported to do so. Currently on offer are: one-on-one intuitive healing sessions, regular Ishtar Mystery ceremonies, and a women's retreat in July. Please take a look at my site for more details.

Keep the Wheel Turning! Festivals for the Six Local Seasons. Seasonal rituals are currently on hold, as the Ishtar Women's Mystery work is requiring all my attention at present. I hope to get back to this work soon.

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Creating Ritual and Meaning
A Creation Story
Earth Communion - a Ritual of reconnection - with ourselves, each other and the planet
EarthDreaming - Celebrating the Seasons of the living Land
Perth Temple of the Goddess - A dream for the future
Village Community website  (created by Catherine for Village Community Inc, an intentional urban village community) 

Celebrating Childbirth & Motherhood
A Celebration of Childbirth
Unfolding the Rose - Preparation for Childbirth and Motherhood
Opening to receive ~ Conscious Conception workshop
Placenta Ritual
Birthplace website  (designed by Catherine for Birthplace Support Group Inc, WA) 

... and Other Women's Mysteries
Ishtar Rising - Ideas for a series of workshops exploring aspects of women's spirituality

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What does it mean to be 'a priestess'?

In the beginning knew that I needed to be a priestess, with only the haziest idea of what that might look like.
Once, when urgently seeking a clearer answer, I was guided to a book by Fecility Wombwell on a market bookstall in Subiaco.
In it she describes the "priestessly functions" like this:- Felicity Wombwell, The Goddess Changes [Mandala, 1991]

To be a priestess in the contemporary world involves making a connection between ancient roots, often in the Middle Eastern wisdom traditions, and present contexts.  Different women who experience the call to priestesshood find different ways to meet this challenge.
For myself, I dream of one day serving, and being accountable to, a spiritual community or Goddess church.  My sense of my personal vocation is less about esoteric/psychic functions and more about our shared human need for a sense of sacredness, of pattern and purpose in our individual and collective lives.    For the present, I endeavour always to listen to what is called for by the circles of community in which I find myself, and to open to a vision of the possible, and to respond to the best of my ability.  My priestessing arises from a deeply felt love and devotion for Goddess in all Her mystery: a love that ebbs and flows in and out of my daily waking consciousness, but remains, like an unseen foundation underlying my life.


Inspirational Reading

    The Spiral Dance
    Dreaming the Dark
    Truth or Dare: Encounters with Power, Mystery and Authority
    The Fifth Sacred Thing (a novel)

Mathew Fox,  Creation Spirituality

Neil Douglas Klotz
    Prayers of the Cosmos
    Desert Wisdom

Clarissa Pinkola-Estes,  Women who run with the wolves

Iyanla Vanzant,  One Day My Soul Just Opened Up

Voices of the Goddess, edited by Caitlin Matthews

About Childbirth

Ina May Gaskin,  Spiritual Midwifery

Pam England and Rob ?,  Birthing From Within

Rachima Baldwin,  Pregnant Feelings


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