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Harry will meet you in the school entrance hall.
You may use the door just beneath this message
or the menu underneath the Owl roost at the bottom of this page.
We also have 2 applets and some poetry on our main Castle Fae page.
To reach that just left click on the Hogwart's Express train near the bottom of this page.

Free-for-link clip art is located throughout this site.
Background sets, 'I Believe' buttons and sorting hat dolls are in the wallpaper shop in Hogsmeade.  Framed photos of the movie actors are in the 2nd trophy room accessed through the main trophy room.  Instructor dolls are in the great hall.  Dragon eggs are at Hagrid's.  Have Fun!

Thank You for Visiting.

School  Entrance Hall


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Hogwarts' School Web Site

Hogwarts Express to Castle Fae

This site is Anfy enhanced!

Link ware (graphics free for link back) is located throughout the site.
Background sets are in the Wallpaper shoppe in Hogsmeade.
Links are in the library, Dragon Eggs are at Hagrid's, Recipes in the kitchen and Games to play are in the common room.  The start of the Lake applet path is the 3rd Forbidden Forest page.  Various applets are scattered throughout both the School and the Shoppes.  Some areas with foreign graphics are right click disabled.  Most graphics are ours.  This site is updated from time to time and if you saw something you wanted and don't see it again, let us know and we may be able to e-owl it to you.

There are three main areas (1.Hogwarts School; 2.the Shoppes, in both Diagon Alley & Hogsmeade; and 3.the Lake applet path).  Menus are specific to the area you are in but, have links to the other area's main page.  Port key links are throughout, but are limited in number of links.

Here are a few rules and reg.s at Hogwart's for visitors.

1.  While in the School you must always be accompanied by either student or staff.
2.  While in the School you must be visible to staff & students AT ALL TIMES.
3.  Any clip art and/or poetry you take and post must be credited
and linked back to:  http://webspace.webring.com/people/ac/castlefae/
or go to where we got it and link it back there.
(all clip art that is not local is credited & linked, all poetry is local)

Message Department

Hogwarts School

Shoppes (Diagon Alley & Hogsmeade)

Lake Applet Index

Hogwart Express Train from:  http://www.rosecity.net/trains/train_clipart.html

The torches were done using Ultimate Paint and PSP6 (fire tube)

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