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Site updates: Cameo Owner Registry site created, will expand as owners register and as time permits. Corvette resto still on hold. Ram-Air on Cameo still on hold.

This page is dedicated to owners of all S10, S15, Blazer, Jimmy,and classic Chevy trucks.

1989 Cameo For Sale
Kyle Luke, West Bloomfield, MI
white/gray, 350 V8, 700-R4

I own two S10's, a 1990 S10 Cameo and a 1998 Jimmy SLE 4x4. Also included in my garage are; my 1978 L-82 Corvette and a 1985 Honda Magna.

I have received several e-mails asking if the headers add noticable power, or what bolt-ons offer the best power gain.
Click here and then follow the next link to my Blazer page.

My Reader's Rides page features the trucks of visitors that have taken the time to share their pride and joy with the world.

I feel the best resource for information is to talk someone who's already been there.

On my Cameo past page I have a running history of what I've done and how it worked. While the Cameo history page gives some background info.

My 700R4 page contains info on some upgrades available and tips on some of them.

If you're into 4x4 S10's you'll want to visit my Blazer page and see what can be done on a budget. My Blazer is not just for looking cool - off-road pictures from Tillamook State Forest.

Check into my links page to save time surfing - there are a few S10 pages and a long list high performance parts companies.

If you are just looking for some pictures of S10's I have them collected on my image page.

Check out Joe's 1963 GMC on what I hope will become my classic Chevy page.

As I continue to modify both of my S10's I will write additional articles to help you make a more informed choice on your own plans. Also, I have lots of extra space on this server and would enjoy including YOUR S10, S15, Blazer, or Jimmy here.

If you have a specific question or would like to see something added drop me a line.

S10 and S15 enthusiasts have visited.

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