Bulimia Site
My page is designed to give information and support to suffers of bulimia, from the point of view of a bulimic.
I hope it is also a useful source of information for non-sufferers, as I beleive it is important for people to understand the reality and seriousness of the condition.
Dangers of bulimia
-Take time to read this page and think about the risks you are taking!

Signs of bulimia

-Do you suspect you or someone you know is bulimic?

Links to other bulimia sites
-These give you access to loads of really great sites, that might have more information
Serotonin information

-Find out a new theory of the cause of bulimia

Bulimics Anonymous

A place to discuss bulimia and how if affects you
Chat Room

-Chat to people going through the samr thing as you about problems worries or just general chat!

Fun Page
Fun things to do to cure any kind of depression!
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