Hey! Welcome to my OnePiece site, well its mostly dedicated to the best damn swordsman in the whole universe, Roronoa Zoro.
If you dont already know what One Piece is, I'll try to explain it to you...coz, well no one should be missing out on something so good.
One Piece is a manga/anime by the brilliant Eiichiro Oda. It basically revolves around the exciting journeys of Monkey D. Luffy and his friends, Zoro being one of them.
So what makes One Piece so interesting?? Well...anyone who has read OP can tell you that its really funny. And all the characters are always so fun to watch.

If your still craving for more OP, theres a bunch of links at the bottom or you can follow along the webring.
OK, I'll leave you to look around...enjoy!

I havent been doing much on my website lately, but hopefully I'll be changing and adding new things really slowly....sorry!!

My first ever OP test is FINALLY up!!! Go check it out in my Fun Stuff section, and let me know what u think!!

Damnit!! My OP test is ACTUALLY done, but somethings screwed up, so i didnt link it yet!!!Come back in a bit, OK!

Sorry this site is taking so long to actually get stuff on it!! This is my first time making a website, so im really still learning alot of new things!!

I'm working on making an OP test for all you OP fans!!! Have any good ideas you want me to use?? Then email me!

This site is still under lots of construction!!! But dont forget to keep coming back!!

If you have any questions...or you just feel lonely, then email me!
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