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Welcome To Seniors Helping Seniors! A site for all seniors to get togeather and give each other a helping hand!
If you're like most of us, you're not ready to be considered a senior citizen!

But, guess what? It's here and along with old age comes quite a few problems!
Sure! There are the normal problems! It's a little harder to crawl out of bed in the morning because the bones seem to ache a little more. You're still thinking like a twenty year old but for some reason, you just can't seem to do the same things you did at twenty. And, if you try, others look at you like you're crazy!

But, what about those problems that you didn't foresee?

You need a job but nobody will hire you!
You thought you had enough money to enjoy your retirement, but!
Check out our "Income" page!
You can't afford the medication you need!
Check out the Health page!
Your house needs painted, but you can't climb the ladder!
Maybe someone has sent some ideas to the Housing section!

Maybe we here at "Seniors Helping Seniors" can give you a hand!

We don't pretend to know all the answers, but we'll provide what we can and
see if other seniors can help us out with their experiences.

If you have a problem that is age related, check out the site to see if we've found an answer for you! Or, visit our
"Seniors Helping Seniors" forum
where you can talk to other seniors! You never know! One of them may have had the same problem and have your "problem solver"!

If you're a senior that has found a way to eliminate some of these problems
that are common to most seniors,
let us know! We'll be happy for your help
and will add it to the site! 
Questions on Social Security?

Need to know how much you'll
get when you retire or at what
age your retirement should begin?
When can you apply for medicare?

You'll find all your answers here!

Social Security On-Line!

Canada's Old Age
Security Program!
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