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I have been a Public Safety Dispatcher for over 5 years. The reason I created this page is because when I was first interested in being a dispatcher, I thought I knew what dispatchers do; and I did, to a very small degree. The range of the job is vast (although it varies from department to department). So, what I tried to do with this site is describe quickly what can be involved in the course of the job. Sadly, it took me 8 pages to write sub-par information so I'm always in the process of revising my page. Anyone who would like to see anything added, please email me.

My Credentials

I currently dispatch for a police department in Western Massachusetts. Prior to my current job, I was an Emergency Services Dispatcher with the Town of Brattleboro,Vermont. Specifically I dispatched for the Brattleboro Police Department, the Brattleboro Fire Department, and Rescue Inc. Also, after hours and on the weekends, the dispatch center would handle the Brattleboro Department of Public Works.

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