here's me thinking about lewis.
Wed. Feb. 04. 04 05.09 PST
since i've recieved no e-mail about it, i've added a section to the page entitled "
what  lewis likes to eat". it can be found on the "lewis page".

Wed. Feb. 04. 04 02.45 PST
big news! people are actually coming here!  how is that possible?
anyway a enormous thank you to those of you who filled out a survey,
especially the guy who would rather cram a pitchfork up his ass than come back.  that really meant a lot... in conclusion i will continue to add new pages in the hopes that someday everyone would rather cram a pitchfork up their ass than return here.  (a big dream i know, but i dream big)

Sat. Nov. 22. 03 07.40 PST
so now there's a survey no one will take on the page. i added 5 more pets for pilar. they're very cute and worth a look.
love, lauren

Thurs. Nov 20. 03 04.07 PST

3 more links
to "love notes"  for you're veiwing pleassure & now a collection of terribly fat cats found on google in "pilar's corner." 
love, lauren

backlog of news.
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