how did I get such an impressive cat collection, you ask? No matter what word you type in google, somebody's named their pet that word and posted a picture for the world to see. it got to be so i couldn't search anything w/out finding a picture of not just any cat, these cat are huge for the most part. huge  in ways that make them look like overwieght ladies.
my first cat, he was before i knew i'd be collecting enormous cats so he is left w/ the name "fatcat"
p.s. i was looking up club sandwich  photos for the food page, and found a cat named
   "club sandwich"

please, don't name
your  pets stupid things, people.
(above) these two are fabulously fat and have strange bvacant eyes.  so much so that it's hard for me to believe their not photoshopped. i call the left one "cat" and the right one BB2 because those are their file names.
(left) the cat in the foreground looks like an angry grandma, so call this cat "angry grandma."
(right) meet pap.  i know he's not fat but he's angery looking.
(right) now you try and tell me that kitty doen't look fake enough to start sing the "meow mix" song.(below) moose.
(left)  it's the best type of cat, it's frowny and fat.
look down
(above) crazy eyed ne'kid kitty.
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