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Welcome to Uncharted Reaches I'm John and I'll be your host during your visit. While you're here you'll learn more than a little bit about me and my tastes in things in general and books, games and movies more specifically. Hopefully you'll be entertained but if not drop me an email using the link below and I'll see what I can do about that.


A New Announcement

No, I'm not writing to say that we've re-opened really. Just saying that I've removed The Frigate Captain. You see my former partner quit on me last year, I still don't know why as she has developed a habit of lying like a certain other Texan of some notoriety. Although I at first held out some hope that we might smooth things over it has become abundantly clear over the past year that this just isn't going to happen. As such I have re-written The Frigate Captain replacing her characters with my own. For her part she has taken her original characters and is writing her own stories with them elsewhere, although frankly they bear little resemblance to the originals from The Frigate Captain. As I did not quit I have kept the story making what changes I felt were needed to differentiate it from the earlier versions that included her characters but leaving the writing much the same. This new version has been officially registered with the US Copyright Office with all rights reserved. This version bears almost no resemblance to the stories that she is writing.

I am deeply saddened that it had to be this way but as far I am concerned the sole blame for this lies with her. She opted to take this road in spite of multiple entreats on my part to try to come to a mutually acceptable understanding. As such I now consider this story as now plotted and written to be my complete and sole intellectual property with the full, legal backing of the US Government. I now consider the matter closed and hope she does as well. I wish her the best of luck with her future writing endeavors.

At some future point in time I will be posting the new version of this story or at least parts of it. Yes, that does mean I'll be reopening at some point in the future. I'm not sure exactly when this will happen but it will at some point in the next six months or so.

John Stevens, Webmaster


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