Guitarist Eddie Bertrand quit the surf combo The Bel-Airs (of "Mr Moto" fame) over an argument with co-guitarist Paul Johnson.
Seems like Paul Johnson objected to Eddie's heavy use of spring reverb...well it looks like history has proven you DEAD WRONG, Mr Johnson!
Bertrand's new band, dubbed The Showmen after the Fender amplifiers they used, was only about a million times hotter than The Bel-Airs could have ever hoped to be. This is particularly evident if you compare both bands' recordings of Eddie's wild original instro "Squad Car".
The Showmen take is faster, tougher, wetter, and all-around more spin-worthy.
Bertrand's guitar playing with The Showmen is everything surf guitar ought to be...fast, precise, soaking in reverb, and totally testosterone-powered.
Eddie coaxed incredible sounds out of his Fender Jaguar on powerhouse tracks like "Toes On The Nose", "Scratch", "Dark Eyes", and "Movin'".
Eddie and The Showmen recorded some of the most vital and essential examples of the surf genre, finally calling it quits in 1965 in the face of the onslaught of squaresville British pop.

Hear Eddie Bertrand's wild surf guitar on the Showmen's "Scratch"

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