November 2000 - Pre-op
This was me before I had my surgery.
T I don't know what I weighed then but probably pretty  close to 400 lbs
April, 2002- 2 months post-op
I can see a little difference.  :o)
The double, triple chins have retreated and I'm thinking this might really work.
My Weight Loss Pictures
September 2002 -  7 months post-op.
Gettin' Smaller
I diffently can see a difference.  My clothes are baggy and don't show off the "new me"  very well.  But they are comfy and until I can get rid of my tummy the baggy look will be "In" for me.
February 18, 2002 - 1 week post-op
1 Week Out From Surgery and 5#'s lost.
I'm at my friend Vicki's guesthouse in Las Vegas, NV.  Sam and I had to stay close to Doc's until I got my staples removed. 
I needed extra oxygen right after surgery but I didn't need it for very long.
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Mid October 2002-  8 months post-op.   New blouse and new pants.   Although the pants are baggy and here I thought they would fit better.   The front view picture isn't too bad but the side view is :ob    Well, one out of two ain't bad!
December 2002

10 Months Post-Op.  150 + pounds down.  My daughter in law Chris's mother Mary,  gave me this new outfit for Christmas. 

It makes me look like a new woman!
I'm so very glad I had this surgery.
It really really works!
Weight Loss Pictures 2
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