"Association for Morbid Obesity"- "Obesity.com""
"Place to Go - Links to See"
"American Society of Bariatric Surgeons"
Find a Surgeon Here.  These Bariatric Doctors are the elite the best of the best.
My Profile Page on their site.
         "SUE BEE - Sue Barr - My WLS Story":
A cherished  friend, a patient of Doc Fisher's and my inspiration.  Sue has lost over 300#'s.
Her website is loaded with oddles of info for pre & post WLS patients as well as
information on reconstructive surgery.
"Surgical Weight Control Center of Nevada"
Click Here  to join Dr. Fisher's WLS Support Group on Yahoo
A lovely and gracious friend.  She is also a patient of Doc Fisher's. 
Giani has lost over 200#'s.   Her website has lots of great info and insight..
"What's your Real Physical Age?"
Take the "Real Age Test" at The Real Age Cafe and Find Out.
Ladies and Gentlemen: 
Create a 3-D Virtual Model of Yourself at:
"My Virtual Model"
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"Are You A Healthy Eater?"
Take this fun test at Emode.com
"What's Your Body Image"
Take this test at Emode.com, you might be surprised.
Great Source of Online Health News plus Graphics, Animations, Etc.
A Free Website designed to Help you Track and Analyze Important
Aspects of your Diet and Fitness

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Vince Williams - Male Story of WLS
A dear friend and fine young man.  He's lost 250 pounds + and is maintaining his loss going into his second post-op year.  Lots of info on WLS as well as reconstructive surgeries.
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