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Welcome To My Old Bowl Site>8-)

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Carnival Glass

This glassware was usually pressed glass which has an iridized surface treatment. It was made by taking the glass pieces from a mold & giving the items an iridescent surface by spraying them with a solution of various metallic salts that iridized after being subjected to heat. In other words, the surface of the glass pieces looked like a rainbow of color when light reflected off of it.

The name "Carnival Glass" came about when the market for carnival glass slumped in the 1920's & the glass was given away as prizes at carnivals, hence the name.

From what I have read on the subject, the glass was first produced by Fenton Art Glass Company, of Williamstown, West Virginia, in 1908. But the glass was also made by several US companies, The Northwood Glass Company in Wheeling, West Virginia, Imperial Glass in Ohio; Westmoreland from Pennsylvania; Dugan (later named Diamond) in Indiana, Pennsylvania; and Millersburg, in Ohio.

The bowl that you will see on this site was produced by The Millersburg Company in Ohio around the year 1911 & is in perfect mint condition. It belonged to my mother, who got it from her mother & now it has been passed to me. The interior or primary pattern is named "Whirling Leaves". The exterior or secondary pattern is known as "Fine Cut Ovals".

The Millersburg Company was only in business from 1908 to 1912. According to the letter I received from the Corning Museum of Glass, the red color was unusual for Carnival Glass & would probably be of great interest to collectors.

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Happy Collecting & Thanks For Stopping By.>8-)


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