Many people come to this site because they think Beretta --> Handguns <-- but really it is
because I drive a Beretta but here is a site for those Beretta's
Beretta USA or here And REMEMBER, target-shooting can be a great sport but only if you believe in TRIGGERLOCKS AND GUNSAFE's!

I have been a parent and foster parent for almost 30 years. We work primarily
with teenage boys with lots of emotional baggage. Child abuse usually has
long term consequences and with the help of diverse agencies we do our
best to help kids overcome the problems of their past. Here are some helpful
things we use on a daily basis. What works with one teen might not work with
another, therefore we never stick to just one way of parenting but adjust to
the child's needs. Maybe you will find it helpful too.

coming soon

When Kids refuse to follow their Court Order, what a parent can do!

I am working more and more with ADD, ADHD, ODD, Asperger's Syndrome, and of course Conduct Disorder.

Also, the results of Child Molestation, what the dangers are.

I shall update the above as soon as possible!

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Parenting Ain't Easy
Parenting Ain't Easy
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