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The Xi'An Sessions


An extraordinary new album from Xi'An!

Originally from the Hanan Province of China, it was in Shaanxi's Xi'An music conservatory that they first met in 2000: soon teh fourseom were playing tradiitonal chinese music, using the four main traditional chinese instruments at various venues around the ancient city.

Graduating in 2004 the group disbanded and the members followed their individual professional paths until they discovered the ancient music of Ireland: and regrouped in 2007 to record the Xi'An sessions - the interpretation of Ireland's best loved and most beautiful pieces through the medium of Chinese traditional instruments and musicianship.


The result is an enchanting blend of precision and melody, exotic tones and familiar rhythms and the sound of Ireland, filtered through the experience of other music, other ears, other cultures - from Róisín Dubh to She Moved Through the Fair and including beloved pieces such as The Coolin, Marbhna Luimní, and O'Carolans Concerto, Xi'An bring a truly magical twist to Irish music. There is a courtly, unhurried, stately sound at tiems that is refreshes and revigorates the pieces, but the fast pieces are palyed with a precision and clarity that amazes. My favourites have to be the Derry Air, (a piece done to death elsewhere comes alive again and sounds new) Brian Ború's March and The Coolin, but frankly tryign to pick favourites is pointless. Each one has something to offer and now I think of O'Carolan's Concerto was excellent too.....

A great CD, A great new sound, A must buy!!


Available in store or by mail order at the special Christmas price of


Charles Byrne Musik Instrumente

21-22 Lower Stephen Street Dublin 2, 01-4781773

or directly from Xi'An Sí

More about Xi'An Sí Below


Xi'An Sí tells us:

Our name is derived from two languages : Xi'An is the Chinese city where we met and Sí is from that most fascinating of Irish traditions, the fairy.

Phonetically written it is : Shee Ann Shee.

Our names:

?? : Li Kai : Lee Kai
??: Xu Zhen : Shoo Jen (always pronounce the 'J')
??: Bei Bei : Bay Bay
??: Xu Ming : Shoo Ming (wing with an 'm' instead of 'w')

Our instruments:

Gu Zheng - Goo Jung (rhymes with young)
Er Hu - Arr (like a pirate! ryhmes with far) Who
Pi Pa - Pee Pah
Di Zi - Dee Zi ( a 'Z' sound with the 'i' having the same pronounciation as the Irish language 'i' )


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