We are happy to offer disabled access to our customers - the retail shop is all on one level and while it is notoriously small and packed with instruments :) there's always room to manouvre; our doors were widened in '92 to allow for the larger size of wheelchair and we have many customers with individual needs - we are happy to try to help in any way possible. We would like every customer to enjoy their visit to Charlie Byrne's,



For security reasons our shop door is kept on a lock, released by buzzer when you ring a bell. The door bell is located high on the left hand side of the door jam (as you face the door) Please ring once, it takes us a moment or two to get to the release buzzer to let you in.


If the doorbell is too high to reach, please knock on the door and we will let you in as soon as possible. Or if you prefer please ring (01) 4781773 and let us know you are outside/on your way. We will make sure you can gain access. Please feel free to ring us in advance of your visit at any point to arrange either your visit or anything particular you might need.


When you hear the door release buzzer please push and the door will open. If it is too heavy or awkward, we will open it manually (it will just take a few moments to get to the door.)


We have chairs in the shop area if you need to sit, and we welcome Guide Dogs. Alternatively we offer mail order on most accessories (01-4781773 or charlesbyrne@ireland.com or byrnemus@eircom.net ) payment via Credit card or Paypal

If you need any product information not available on the website, please do not hesitate to contact us - we are happy to send photos of products and we will reply in LARGE PRINT if you prefer (just specify LARGE PRINT in your email)


If you require any help or information please contact Geraldine at 01-4781773 or email byrnemus@eircom.net / charlesbyrne@ireland.com













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