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Jimmy Fallon is one wild and crazy guy. He's gone from being an extra in "Father's Day" (starring Robin Williams and Billy Crystal) to being a current hit as a member of SNL. He is recognized for being in sketches such as Nick Burns the Computer Guy and Boston Teens, as well as being a co-anchor of Weekend Update (where he shows off his skills of song parodies and killer impressions from time to time). Jimmy gained many fans after co-hosting the MTV Movie Awards and is bound to gain many more with his VMA hosting gig this year. And for the few people still hiding under rocks, Fallon will be releasing his punk-esque comedy album on August 27th of this year. Jimmy Fallon definitely has his own original style. I have already met this nice boy, Jimmy (six times) and let me tell you, he is one cool cat. You can tell that he truly cares about his fans by how much attention he gives them. *mushy* Enjoy your stay here at The Jimmy Fallon Funhouse~ If anyone would like to send me their thoughts on the latest SNL, pictures, news, stories, or whatever you feel like sharing, you can email me at: Oh, no nude pictures please... *sigh* sicko. Have a jolly good day!

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