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News Flash! The Bartold Surname Resource Center has received its first award!

We were named the Connect With Surnames "Surname Resource of the Month" for February 1999. Needless to say, but I will say it anyway, I am very pleased.

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Welcome to a place for all Bartold's wherever they may be.

The Bartold Surname (and variations) can be found historically in many countries. I would like to orient this site to supporting research on the main variations that can be found in Poland (Bartold, Bartol~d), In Germany and Austria (Bartold, Bertold, Barthold, Berthold, Berchtold), in Russia (Bartold), in Italy (Bartold, Bartoldo, Bertoldo, Bartoldi), in France (Bartholdi) and in other countries in Europe, including the Latinized versions (Bartoldus, Bertoldus).

Currently, in order to include everyone, we would need to include many other countries, due to the more recent cross migrations of people in Europe, but this is dependent on finding researchers who are willing to do this. Also more recently (this century) emigrations have sent Bartold's to the new world countries of USA, Canada and Australia. Here is where we find the most active researchers. As the children of wanderers, we begin to look back to the old countries and ask, "Where did we come from?" Having found my way back to Europe, and seeing that the name is not isolated, but has been spreading since the early middle ages, I now find myself asking, "where did Bartold come from?" I invite you to explore our history and heritage, and present these pages, which include a lot of the information that has been gathered so far, as a start. Unfortunately this work is only beginning.

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