(1) How Can We Know the Future?
(2) Will There Soon Be One World Government?
(3) Could We Be Earthís Final Generation?
(4) How Will the World End?
(5) Preview of the Coming Age
(6) Invisible Forces Behind the Scenes
(7) You Can Be a New Person!
(8) You Can Be a Friend of God!
(9) What Happens to People When They Die?
(10) What Is a Soul?
(11) The Secret of Immortality
(12) Questions on Hell
(13) The Mystery of Godliness
(14) The World's Greatest Time Prophecy
(15) Revelation Unseals Danielís Prophecy
(16) The Cleansing of the Sanctuary
(17) How to Give Your Heart to Christ
(18) The Treasure in the Temple
(19) Remember Now thy Creator
(20) Godís Commandment Remains Unchanged
(21) Winds, Waves, and Beasts from the Sea
(22) The Beast of Revelation 13
(23) The Sign of Loyalty
(24) A Day to Remember
(25) Godís Claim Upon Your Body
(26) The Christian and the World
(27) Recognizing Godís Ownership
(28) God's Special People
(29) The Spirit of Prophecy
(30) Testing the Gifts
(31) When All Religions Unite
(32) When You Hear His Voice

If you would like to take these studies by email with an instructor that will grade each lesson and answer any questions, then send a request to Chris at lastdays@qtm.net Just say "Hey, send me lesson 1"

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