Correcting the Errors of the Dark Ages

CHRISTIAN LIBRARY  A beautiful online library of Christian books.

DISCOVER BIBLE STUDIES   Online, interactive Bible studies. Students are given a personal Bible instructor who will grade and return each lesson study. Ask questions, get feedback from your instructor!

"THESE LAST DAYS" BIBLE STUDIES Well-written, in-depth studies that thoroughly cover topics such as "Hell", "Life After Death", "Angels", and "The Beast". Come find out what the Bible really says about these subjects.

3 ANGELS BROADCASTING NETWORK  Online Christian television, airing programs that address improving health through the diet, prophetic interpretation, stop smoking, children's entertainment, and a variety of Christian music plus much more!

BIBLE LIGHT HOMEPAGE  Excellent reviews!! The author of this page has done a fantastic job writing cogent, non-hysterical essays on such subjects as 666, the mark of the Beast, Hell, evolution, sun worship and much more. Hundreds of links to reference sites are included to make for a sound study. A must see!!

REVELATION OF HOPE  A fantastic online audio/video seminar presenting such topics as...Are the dead really dead?, The Beast of Revelation 13, The image of the Beast, Is the rapture theory true?, The New World Order, The Millennium, The Bible and psychics, and many other important subjects!

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