This poems represents all of us who loved Babes! Sept 13th 2006

Angels In the Clouds

There are Angels in the Clouds all day
Watching you live your life away
Just look up and you will see
They are there wondering patiently

Fluffy Clouds they love to hide
Behind the rain and in the sky
They are in the clouds as they play
Running jumping and floating away

Each cloud appears as a different shape
An Angel is hiding there at the gate
Love is an Angel just waiting up high
For you and me to enter the sky

So pray for me and I'll pray for you
To live the life GOD meant you to do
Who knows when the gates will open up wide
To let us all in, To live Inside.

Brenda J Burey

Copyright ©2004 Brenda J Burey

Suffering Within

I am a parent, who's life was changed.
When my baby fell ill it was rearranged.
A Brain Tumor at birth, was horrible enough
But 13 years later, A Brain Hemorrhage was tough.

Crying and screaming "Mom Help me Now"
"Call to Jesus and tell him somehow"
It hurts so bad please take it away,
Please kneel by my bed and pray for that day.

Who's heart but mine I could never forget
The Pain of my child, I sobbed as he wept.
Please Lord once again I am asking of you
To touch my sweet child and do what you do.

This life will never change for me
I will always be hurting, dispite what you see.

Life is beautiful each day I awake
The Lord is with me and make no Mistake

The Lord is waiting, just reach out to him.
Because He is Here, "Living Within"

Brenda J Burey

Copyright ©2004 Brenda J Burey

My Grandma, My Angel My Friend

Sweet Memories of you in my heart I hold dear
I know that maybe you might be right here
You stand at my side I know you are near
Just whisper my name I know I will hear

Love holds you in my heart today
You may be gone but not far away
Your soul I believe is still here with me
Guarding, Protecting like an Angel should be

I look to the heavens every now and then
Wishing I could see you just once again
I know you are there watching over me
You touched my life so Heavenly

Oh Grandma Oh Grandma I still miss you now
Even though you are gone you are with me somehow
I know when I need you I just call your name
And the memory of you will be with me again
For you were my Grandma, My Angel, My Friend.

Brenda J Burey

Copyright ©2005 Brenda J Burey

God Bless America

Poem Writen right after the Towers came down

Hold my hand I ask of thee
Lets walk together patiently
Twin Towers, Twin Brothers
Have fallen and died
With Men and Women and children inside.

This terror has rocked the world today
Loved ones lost, they're gone away
Give strength and power for those in need
Hold on to faith and you will succeed.

Hate is why this happened today
I really don't think we can go on this way
Lets walk together hand in hand
And pray for the victims of this land.

I pray OH Lord I'm asking of thee
To embrace and touch the families
Epecially the children I know are sad
For some no longer have a mom or dad.

Sorrow and grief is all that I feel
I can't believe, No it's not real.

Brenda J Burey

Copyright ©2005 Brenda J Burey

The Death OF Our Hero Harold Garfield Froude 1943

There are Heroes In this Country we should never forget.
There was on man call Harold who was a bomber pilot
He got his wings to fly up near the sun
His Parents were Proud and this was their son.

Gone to fight for freedom he was their Pide and Joy
They loved him dearly but he was just a boy
They hugged and kissed him and said goodbye
Not knowing if he would come home they cried.

Oh Harold be careful his mother had said
and dad just winked and turned his head
There was this chocking feeling inside
But both parents found it hard to hide

Waving goodbye as he headed for war.

Two years later a knock at the door
Bring news of their son Who had died in the war
Oh how I dream of what that day would have been
To see My great grandparents feel sorrow and pain

I knew my great grandmother she was so sweet
We visited her often for cookies to eat
There were photos of Harold up there on the wall
She kept his memory alive for us all

Sixty years have come and gone, but one thing is for sure
I will keep his memory alive and I will do it for HER.
For my Great grandmother Maude Froud
For you were our hero and you made us Proud..

Forever in my thoughts at this time of year.

Thank You Great Uncle Harold Garfield Froud

From Cochrane Ontario, Dunns Lake

Copyright ©2005 Brenda J  Froude Burey

Brenda J Burey

Copyright ©2005 Brenda J Burey
All photos taken by Brenda Burey
Sunsets and Clouds

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