Art has a Value in Commicating Truth

My current webpages were viewed with Netscape Communicator 4.7 
at 800 x 600 resolution during their creation.  If you are using Explorer or 
Opera or something else, these pages may appear strange, stupid or disorganized.  
This is not intentional.  I just really do not want to participate in the extremly 
silly 'browser wars.'  At least not until they start using live ammo, in which 
case I'll be more than happy to play! :)
Damn - they got me to switch to, if it looks stupid in Netscape, sorry bout that (not really....:)

btw...for those of you who don't do FLASH or want a low bandwidth connect go HERE.

Hey - am I online right now??????

other nicks: pixalkiller

Cyberlithic Studios

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Nothing much updated - just had to change something or they would take down the site...figured I'd keep it just in case it had stuff that I hadn't saved from before the big computer meltdown in '02

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