English Version
Turkish Version
Vampire Stories from Istanbul
"The things I've told and I will tell are as real as I am."
1st Volume:
a collection of memories.
a vampire.
a question:
"which one is more supernatural than the other? Is it a vampire who doesnt care much about his existence or is it the contradictions that we see in this life we live in?"
13 seperate stories.
Choose and read as you like.

2nd Volume:
the new adventures from the vampires.
The 1st Volume:
Night Lights
Tears In The Rain
The Scent Of Hope
Dark Sky
Graveyard Thieves
Dreams And White Wolf
Words Of Love
Little Girl
Another Body
Light And Shade
My Name Is "Undead"
Vampire Hunter
Saint On The Roof
The Prologue:
Legend of Lilith:
Part I: The Master of Time
Part II: The Change
Part III: The Mother of Evil
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