Day 1
Journal entry
You Left today and with you went my love, hope, fears, and my soul. I miss you already and I love you even more. May God Bless you and bring you back to me. You are my life, my love, my breathe, my existance. I need you more importantly I want you.
I found this and decided to make my days here as you as usual left this behind. When you return it will be my gift to you. All my love and thoughts as you are away and we walk on our journey together yet seperately alone.
First written Words...
Hi Betty(Gina)
Sitting here at JFK Airport waiting to get some last bit of fuel for the long trip over the Atlantic. Also have one more stop In Pome, Italy before going to Kuwait. Sorry I didn't get that last call before leaving Columbus, Ga. By the way the post card is from Delta airlines airplane. Well anyway, love you very much. I will try get you some cards or letters when I can. Love you "Hit Man"
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