Two Sides Of War
A time capsule, my time capsule created to remind myself and share with you all that there are indeed two sides to every event, every story.
This is my story, our story, everyone's one story that has experienced a deployment during war.
This page is dedicated to all of you who may venture out in curiousity to understand, appreciate, except, and share in the day - to - day routine of those of us who were either deployed in Operation Iraqi Freedom or left behind here in the states.
This is not a page of sorrow, rather it is a page of love, strength, frustration, hope, and mostly faith.
I invite you to share my thoughts, my fears, my triumphs, and my failures. I also ask you to sign my guest book and share your thoughts. Perhaps you also have experienced what I have or know of someone that has. Please forward this page on.
Perhaps it will enlighten some, lesson the burdons of some, and console some.
Thank you All

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