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So if you've been around the internet or the shortwave at all you've probably heard the phrase New World Order being tossed around and there's talk of all sorts of bizarre notions such as dirty bombs and Martial Law. If half of the worst you've heard is true these are some sad and desperate times in the making.

So What can a poor boy do?

This is a tough job but you need to think in terms of how drastically reality can change, almost overnite. For example if a real or staged terrorist attck does occur, there is a realistic possibility of being told to stay in your home for an extended period of time, perhaps days. a bit of extra food and perhaps a few 2 liters of water in the refrigerator would certainly be prudent. Preparedness is the idea.

Q: What do these historic figures have in common?

A: They were all hammered down by the incredible forces of the globalist agenda.

No Virginia there isnt going to be a people's revolution and if there is it would be a massive signup for the left wing of the same illuminati bird, the one wih the anti terrorist facial recognition cam in his right wing.

The electoral choices this year are

Skull and Bones and Skull and Bones Lite

get it?

This revolution is about information, and grass roots communications.

Information, real, helpful information. There are enough alternative news shows covering the awful truth of the globalists. spreading paranoia aplenty but noone has focused on what you can do about it.

Dont Panic The last thing anyone needs right now is another Waco.
  • place an affiliation aware critical filter on how you evaluate and acquire news and information. Many mainstream news anchors are CFR members and hold left wing globalist views. Bush's stand on terrorism shows his right wing globalist disdain for constitutionalist ideas.
  • Follow the money. It leads to the Federal Reserve and hence to the World Banking Establishment which are now bleeding us dry, with complete disdain for the Constitution.
  • Follow the affiliations (CFR, Trilateral, Bilderberger, Skull & Bones). Be aware of what these organizations stand for.
  • Buy a shortwave. You can hear worldwide news from each countries mouth and there is alot of illuminati aware dicussion along with much foreign and religious broadcasting.
  • Use Google news to ferret out news stories.
  • The contolled media is often horrible in leaking details during big events, then using spin control to set his-story aright. If anything big happens launch your VCR to catch lies later
Get Aware
Vote with your Dollars
  • Buy Gold, Silver and strategic metals such as Platinum and Palladium as these hold their value better than promises or paper coupons.
  • Support Local Alternatives, mom and pop shops and socially responsible businesses
  • Minimize spending given to illuminati companies. There are too many to completely boycott but some of the more flagant ones (RFID retailers, Food geneticists etc)
  • Keep small quantities of well known silver or gold coins available for flexible barter
  • Sing like a Canary Once you realize whats going on this wont be hard.

    - Dont Move, Dont Panic.... Take off your shoes.


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