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  • REX-84
  • Operation Garden Plot
  • Tackamarks (TACMARS)
  • Northwoods Document
  • 29 Palms
  • CALEA, Echelon, DCS-1000
  • Steven Magritz
  • bilderberg
  • Bankers Manifesto of 1892
  • Tempest
  Our Government is already selling out to a Global One World system with none of the freedoms and years of established law that makes America such a special place. They're already asking the Military if they would fire on US citizens if told to by the UN and whether they would assist in Gun Confiscations. They're building large fenced in compounds for the troublemakers. Leading Politicians and Journalists alike belong to several organizations, most notably the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), an organization with a stated globalist agenda. The dollar has long since been sold off to a private group of banks misnamed the Federal Reserve. The leaders of these banks have consipred for years to acheive world domination. They meet yearly as the Bilderberg Group to decide our fate.
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