Guide to Non Hybrid Seed Varities

These are varities of seed which will bear generations of viable seeds in the fruit. They may be harvested and planted from year to year.

  CROSBY'S EGYPTIAN 50 to 60 days - Old variety. Large heart shaped roots. Dark red with lighter areas.
  RUBY QUEEN 52 days - Round, smooth, does very well in poor soil. Bright red color. 10 to 12 inch tops.
  DETROIT DARK RED 55 to 60 days - The most widely beet grown in the U.S.A.. Globe shaped. Dark red.
  EARLY BLOOD TURNIP BEET 55 to 60 days - Similar to a turnip in shape. Dark red flesh, with pink areas. Sweet in flavor.
  CYLINDRA 55 days - Carrot shaped beets are 6 to 8 in. long and 1 1/2 to 2 in. in dia. Dark red roots with small tops.
  LETHERMAN'S GREEN TOP 58 days -Bright red, sweet and tender roots. Tops are bright green, 15 to 18 inches in height excellent "greens".
  LONG SEASON 80 days - Very old variety. excellent for "greens".
  DE CICCO 50-60 days - Smallish, bluish green heads. Makes side shoots after initial head.
  CALABRESE 60-90 days - 4-8 inch heads, side shoots are ample. Plant for summer and fall harvest
  WALTHAM #29 60-95 days - Compact plants, bluish green heads. Large crop of side shoots after main head harvested. Plant in summer for fall harvest.
  EARLY JERSEY WAKEFIELD 65 days - Good flavor, pointed heads, plant for summer and fall harvest.
  LATE FLAT DUTCH 110 days - Flat oval heads are 14" in diameter. Stores well.
  PREMIUM LATE FLAT DUTCH 105 days - Huge, firm blue-green heads. White interior.
  CHIEFTAIN SAVOY 85 days - 4-5 pound heads. Dark olive-green, crinkled. Very mild. Flavor improves with frost. Very good fall crop.
  RED DANISH 95 days - A red cabbage. 6 to 8 pound heads. Stores very well. Heads are solid and tight.
  DANISH BALLHEAD 90 days - Round heads, blue/green in color. 5 to 7 pound heads. good for fresh use or saurkraut. Resists cracking.
  RED ACRE 76 days - Red cabbage. Compact plants, heads weigh only 2 to 4 lbs.
  GOLDEN ACRE 63 days - Will do well in poor soil. Heads weigh 3 to 4 lbs. Very sweet. Excellent for fresh use.
  LITTLE FINGER 50-65 days - Roots 3 to 5 inches long, deep orange. Tender, sweet, use as a baby gourmet carrot.
  AMSTERDAM MINICOR 60 days - A Nantes variety, very sweet. 6-7 inches long. Used as a baby gourmet carrot.
  EARLY CORELESS 68 days - A Nantes variety, very sweet. Very tender. Used as a baby gourmet carrot.
  CHANTENAY ROYAL 67 days - Stumpy roots do well in poor soil. 5 to 7 inches long and 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Sweet, red-orange in color. Can be grown in the fall for winter storage.
  NANTES SCARLET 70 days - Bright orange-red carrots are 7 inches long, 1 inch in diameter. Nearly coreless. good for fresh use and juice.
  AUTUMN KING 72 days - Stumpy roots are 7 to 9 inches long. Excellent for winter storage. Crisp, orange flesh. Plant in the late summer for a fall crop to store.
  TENDERSWEET 75 days - 8 to 10 inch long carrots are red-orange in color and almost coreless. Very sweet, crisp flesh.
  DANVERS HALF LONG 75 days - Old variety. Smooth red-orange skin, orange flesh. 6 to 8 inches long, 2 inches wide. Semi-blunt end..
  GOLDEN SELF BLANCHING 85 days -25 to 30 inches tall, self blanching. Stalks are yellow, large and thick without strings. Plants grow about 9 inches tall.
  GOLDEN BANTAM 83 days - This is the standard in corn. 6 1/2 in. to 7 in. long ears. Sweet yellow kernels. Plants grow 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 ft. tall.
  COUNTRY GENTLEMAN 95 days - Old shoe peg variety. 7" long ears. Irregularly spaced white kernels. 7' tall stalks. good canner. Excellent as corn on the cob, a favorite for creamed corn.
  STOWELL'S EVERGREEN 100 days - The standard, white variety corn. Ears are 8 inches long,
  INDIAN CORN 100 days - 8 ft. tall stalks, very productive, very colorful. Good for decorations.
  HICKORY KING (White) 105 days - Large white kernels on 8 to 9 inch long ears. Stalks grow 8-9 ft. tall. This is the best vorn for making cornmeal, hominy, and parched corn. Good as a roasting ear if picked young.
  SQUAW CORN 105 days - Ornamental flint corn, kernels in shades of yellow, red, orange and blue. Large ears, strong stalks. May also be ground for corn meal, which shows little to no sign of color.
  RUSSIAN 52 days - The cukes grow in clusters of two or three fruits. Good dill or sweet pickles
  NATIONAL PICKLING 55 days- Small, good pickles
  WHITE WONDER 60 days- Old time variety, ivory white
  LEMON CUCUMBER 65 days- Small, lemon shaped, pale yellow
  LONG GREEN IMPROVED 65 days - old fashioned variety. Dark green skin.
  STRAIGHT EIGHT 65 days- Smooth, straight, prolific.
  POINSETT 68 days- Dark green, hardy, southern favorite.
  MARKETMORE 76 70 days - Does well in summer heat. Resistant to scab, mosaic virus, downy and powdery mildew, alternaria leaf spot and anthracnose.
  BLACK BEAUTY 83 days - Plants are 24 to 30 in. high. 4-6 fruits. purple-black, smooth, oval. 5-7 inches in diameter.
  LONG PURPLE 80 days - Fruit 8 to 10 inches long 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Fruit is dark purple. Plant is 25-30 inches tall.
  EARLY WHITE VIENNA 65 days - Pale green, smooth, flattened globe bulbs that form above ground. 12 in. high.
  EARLY PURPLE VIENNA 67 days - Standard variety, purplish skin, white flesh.
  WHITE LISBON 40-95 days - Fast growing bunching onion. Stalks are 14 to 18 inches long. Grow early and late for a long crop. White, sweet flesh.
  TOKYO LONG WHITE BUNCHING 65-95 days -Long white onion. Fleash is pure white, stalks are blue-green. 16 to 18 inches tall.
  EVERGREEN WHITE BUNCHING ONION 65-120 days - Perfect for green onions, non bunching. Sweet
  ALDERMAN 78 days - Very old variety. 4 to 6 ft. vines need strong support. The 5 inch long pods, 7 to 9 large peas.
  HOMESTEADER 70 days - Pods are 3 1/2 inches long, 8 to 9 medium size peas. Vines grow to 2.5 ft. tall.
  THOMAS LAXTON 63 days - A heavy yielding pea. Vines grow up to 30 inches tall. 7 to 9 large, dark green peas. Resists Fusarium wilt.
  DARK GREEN PERFECTION 70 days - Old favorite. Vines grow up to 30 inches tall. 7 to 9 dark green peas. Resists heat, Fusarium wilt.
  ALASKA 56 days - Plants grow 26 to 36 inches high. 5 to 8 small, peas in each pod. Very sweet, good for dried split peas and fresh use.
  GREEN ARROW 68 days - Plants grow 24 to 28 inches tall and have 4 1/2 to 5 inch long pods. Pods are filled with 8 to 11 small, dark green peas. A delicious goumet variety.
  EARLY FROSTY 65 days - 30 inch vines, heavy producers. 4 inch double pods. Each pod contains 7-8 dark green, medium sized peas. Excellent pea for fresh use or freezing.
Pepper (sweet)    
  KING OF THE NORTH 65 days - Green pepper for short seasons. Dark green fruit. Good for stuffing.
  GOLDEN SUMMIT 65 days - Has been in cultivation for over 200 years. Light green fruit turns gold then deep red at maturity. Very sweet.
  CUBANELLE 70 days. - Yellow-green fruit is 6" long and 2" in diameter. Deep red in color at maturity. Wonderful for cooking.
  CALIFORNIA WONDER GOLD or PURPLE 72 days - 4 inches tall by 3 1/2 inches wide. Plants are 24 to 30 inches tall.
  CALIFORNIA WONDER 75 days - Large, thick, juicy and sweet. Green when young, bright red at maturity. Fruits are 4 in. long by 3.5 in. wide.
  YOLO WONDER 75 days - Large, mosaic resistance, dense foliage to protect against sunscald. 24-28 in. tall plants.
  ITALIAN GIANT 78 days - Large, thick walled frying pepper. 7 - 8 in. long by 2 in. wide, fruits are green at naturity and curled. 2 - 2.5 ft. tall plants.
  KEYSTONE GIANT 78 days - Big,vigorous plants grow 28-30 in. tall. Big producer, dark green fruits.
Pepper (hot)    
  RED CHILI 80 days - 1.5 in. long by 1/2 in. wide. Very hot! Excellent for drying, deep red in color.
  EL CHACO 75 days - Long (4 in.), thin (1/2 to 3/4 in.) pods are green, turning to yellow and then maturing to a deep orange-red color. This pepper is hotGood for drying or fresh use.
  JALAPENO 70 days - Very hot, dark green when mature. Great for pickled peppers and fresh use.
  LARGE HOT CHERRY 85 days - Very hot 1" by 1.5" globe shaped fruit. Bright red at maturity. Great for pickling. Good for drying, very productive.
  LONG RED CAYENNE 75 days - Good and hot! Use dried for crushed red pepper.
  HABANERO 90-100 days - the hottest pepperPlants grow 36 inches tall. Fruits are smallish and orange when ripe. Needs warm soil to germinate. Very productive.
  SERRANO 75-90 days - Very hot, Mexican variety. 36 in. tall plants have abundant fruits that start out green turning orange red when mature.
  SANDIA 80 days - 24 in. plants produce green fruits that turn red at maturity. Can be used fresh, canned or dried.
Pole Bean    
  COMET 25 days - Bright red skin, white flesh. Stays solid in warm weather.
  WHITE ICICLE 28 days - 5-6 inch long variety, crisp white flesh. Won't become pithy in warm weather. Mild
  CHERRY BELLE 20 days - Very prolific radish. Deep red skin, crisp white flesh.
  EARLY SCARLET GLOBE 26 days - Very popular variety. Red skin, white flesh.
  BRIGHTEST BREAKFAST 28 days - Oblong, bright red with white tip.
  CRIMSON GIANT 30 days - Bright red with crispy white flesh. Very sweet and flavorful.
  BLACK SPANISH 55 days -Very old variety. 3 to 4 inches in diameter, globed shaped. This is a winter radish, grow in fall to store all winter. Black skin and white flesh.
  CHINA ROSE 30-55 days - A winter radish, grow in the fall and store all winter. Rose colored skin. Keeps well.
  EASTER EGG 28 days - Red, Pink, Purple and White radishes are crunchy and tasty.
  AMERICAN PURPLE TOP 80 -120 days - Roots are globe shaped and 4 to 6 inches in diameter. Light yellow skin, purple top. Flesh is light yellow, fine grained, sweet. Excellent for winter storage.
  GIANT THICK LEAFED 55 days - Huge, dark green leaves, old variety. Good cooked or raw.
  AMERICA 50 days - Dark green, crumpled leaves. Stays sweet in warm weather. 8 inch tall plants.
  BLOOMSDALE LONG STANDING 46 days - Thick-textured leaves, very crinkled and dark green in color. Productive, slow to bolt. Does well in hot weather.
  BLACK BEAUTY (zucchini)
Swiss Chard    
  LARGE WHITE RIBBED 60 days - Large, broad, creamy white stalks with smooth, dark green leaves. Produces spring through fall.
  FORDHOOK GIANT 55 days - Broad, dark green, heavily crinkled leaves with white veins. Tall, 24 to 28 inches. Spring thru fall.
  LUCULLUS 53 days - Light green, crinkled leaves, white stalks, hot or cool weather. Plants grow 24 to 30 inches tall.
  RUBY RED 55 days - Tender, sweet chard with red stalks. Dark green, heavily crumpled leaves. 18 to 24 inches tall. Spring, summer or fall.
  TINY TIM 50 days - Small plants (10 to 16 in. tall) yield many small cherry tomatoes. Good container plant.
  PORTER 65 days - Large indeterminate plants. Big producer. Fruit is heat and crack resistant, good canner.
  DENS PURPLE 75 days - fruit weigh up to 1 lb.Dark pink to purple in color. Potato leaf vines. Firm flesh, few seeds. Indeterminate
  TOMA VERDE (tomatillo) 65-75 days - Mexican husk tomato. Large determinate plants. Fruit will ripen to a yellow color.
  MOUNTAIN PRINCESS 68 days - Early tomato from West Virginia. Bright red flesh has a mild flavor. Determinate vines. A good short season variety.
  SUPER SIOUX 70 days - Sets fruit well in hot weather. Indeterminate vines are very productive. Great for canning or fresh use.
  PICARDY 76 days - Large, indeterminate vines need cages for support. Large first set of fruit, produces all summer. From France. Excellent for canning or fresh use.
  BESSER 75 days - Red cherry tomato produces 3/4 inch diameter fruit in clusters of up to 12 tomatoes. Very good, sweet taste. Large, vigorous indeterminat vines need cages for support. Old variety from Germany.
  MANITOBA 60 days - Extra early tomato, good for short growing seasons. Determinate vines, no staking. Does well in containers. From Canada. OLD VIRGINIA - 80 days - Large, indeterminate vines. Globe shaped fruit is smooth and crack resistant. Does well in heat.
  STONE 85 days- Old, reliable tomato. Large indeterminate Deep, scarlet-red, oval fruit, smooth, solid.
  MORTGAGE LIFTER 90 days - Old Amish Heirloom. Huge, 2 or more lbs. pink fruit is grown on indeterminate vines. Very meaty with few seeds.
  WHITE WONDER 85 days - Very mild, sweet. Skin and flesh are white when ripe. Indeterminate vines are very large and bushy.
  YELLOW PEAR 76 days - Small fruited, resembles a small pear. Fruits grow in clusters and are 2 inches long by 1 inch across. Large, indeterminate vines. Skin and flesh is yellow in color.
  SWISS ALPINE 80 days - Small (4-5oz.) tomato with deep red flesh and that true, sharp tomato flavor. Highly productive indeterminate vines. Sets fruit in cool weather.
  RED BRANDYWINE 80 days - Indeterminate vines. Fruits are 8 oz. - 1 lb., deep red in color. Very productive.
  GOLDEN QUEEN 80 days - large, sweet, bright yellow. Large indeterminate vines
  PINK BRANDYWINE 80 days - Large indeterminate vines have potato-leaf foliage. Pink fruits, low acid taste
  GERMAN GOLD 85 days - Large golden tomato with red blossom ends and red streaks running up it's sides. Sweet, mild flavor. Indeterminate vines.
  YELLOW BRANDYWINE 90 days - Indeterminate vines, potato-leaf like foliage. Large yellow fruit.
  HUNGARIAN 85 days - Large, beefsteak type tomatoes. Indeterminate vines. Meaty, mild.
  AMISH PASTE 82 days - Great canning tomato. Plum shaped fruit, thick flesh and few seeds. Indeterminate vines. Deep red, good for tomato paste.
  OLD BROOKS 85 days - Beefsteak type tomatoes, indeterminate vines. Old heirloom variety, some disease resistance. Slightly acidic.
  POLISH 85 days - Indeterminate vines. Fruit is large ( 1-1.5 lbs.) and meaty. Brick red in color. Good for fresh use or canning. Potato leaf foliage
  GOLIATH 85 days - Large fruit, large, indeterminate vines need strong support. Fruit is pink. Excellent for canning or fresh use.
  ELBE 89 days - fruits weigh 8 - 12 oz. and are deep yellow to orange in color. Large indeterminate vines.
  MARGLOBE 75 days - Globe shaped, solid. Bush type tomato. Good producer.
  EARLIANA 61 days - fruit is set in clusters of six tomatoes or more. Indeterminate vines. Bright red
  RUTGERS 74 days - Indeterminate vines. Old popular variety. Good fresh or for canning. Blood red fruit.
  PONDEROSA 90 days - Giant, pink tomatoes (1 - 2 Lbs.). Indeterminate vines. Very sweet.
  CRIMSON CUSHION 95 days - Old beefsteak variety. Indeterminate vines. Good flavor.
  BONNY BEST 75 days - Indeterminate vines. Scarlet red fruit. All purpose tomato.
  LARGE RED CHERRY 75 days - 1 to 1.5 in. diameter bright red fruits. Very sweet. Indeterminate vines can grow 8 - 10 ft. tall. Very productive.
  PEARSON IMPROVED 85 days - Large, vigorous plants. Great for arid regions
  ROMA 78 days - The standard tomato for paste, sauce and ketchup. Produces about 200 fruits on each indeterminate vine. Grow on a fence row for best yields, easy picking.
  GIANT BEEFSTEAK 100 days - Very large, bright red fruits. Indeterminate, heavy producer. Good sliced, meaty.
  JUBILEE 80 days - Golden-orange, mild tasting, Indeterminate vines. Heavy yielding.
  HOMESTEAD 24 80 days - Large determinate vines, firm, dark red fruit. Does well in hot or humid weather. Very good for canning.
  ACE 83 days - Large determinate vines. Excellent canning tomato.
  MARION 75 days - A Rutgers type tomato, matures a little earlier and has more disease resistance. Indeterminate vines, dark-red in color.
  SCARLET BEEFSTEAK 85 days - Large indeterminate vines. Meaty, good slicer.
  SHOGUN 30-70 days - This Japanese variety is grown for it's light green tops and pure white roots. Very mild. 30 days for tops and 70 days for roots.
  WHITE EGG 42 days - Fast growing 3-4 inch roots. Mild, good home vartiety.
  SEVEN TOP 50 days - Grown only for its "greens", non edible roots. 20 inch tall tops.
  PURPLE TOP WHITE GLOBE 55 days - Round, white fleshed roots with purplish tops. Roots measure 4 to 5 inches in diameter.


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